Atlas project schedule

The schedule for the completion of the ATLAS project is as follows:

2014 Q1: Get all large contracts in place (telescope, camera, mount,
enclosure, site agreements). Get a miniature "Pathfinder
Telescope" going on Mauna Loa to provide a real data stream
for software development.

2014 Q2: Do most of camera construction, get enclosures going. Develop

2014 Q3: Complete cameras (less CCDs), work on enclosures and piers.
Develop software.

2014 Q4: Complete enclosures and piers. Develop software.

2015 Q1: Take delivery on Camera #1. Develop software.

2015 Q2: Take delivery of mounts and Telescope #1. Install mounts
in both enclosures. Develop software.

2015 Q3: Bring up Telescope #1 on Haleakala and Pathfinder on Mauna
Loa as complete, end-to-end, autonomous observing systems. Develop

2016: Continue to develop software and start sending asteroid observations to the Minor Planet Center

2017 Q1: Take delivery of CCD #2 and Telescope #2, integrate and
install on Mauna Loa. Refine autonomous operations,

2017: Regular, full-scale operations commence.